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ACQUIRY - Specialist Merger & Acquisition Brokers


Business Acquisition Experts.

Acquiry constitutes a well-connected consortium of investors and aspiring website owners looking to transition ownership, ensuring efficient and mutually beneficial results for all involved parties.

Our comprehensive investor network represents proficiencies spanning more than 100 distinct industries, manifesting a remarkably diverse range of interests. This extensive reach assures that we have equipped investors ready to engage in practically any business venture.

We employ sophisticated methods for business valuations, drawing from key data such as net profit, web traffic volume, niche market dynamics, and the historical background of the business. This comprehensive approach enables us to determine the most equitable maximum price for your website and business, ensuring a fair transaction for all parties involved.

Acquiryis committed to providing a fluid and hassle-free acquisition journey for both buyers and sellers. Choose Acquiry with confidence, and leverage our proven track record of successful acquisitions to attain your desired outcome.


Specialist Merger & Acquisition Brokers

How it works.

Selling your business

Monetize your venture with our network of private investors. We represent a diverse group of financial backers, eager to discover and acquire new business opportunities. Trust in our extensive experience and robust negotiation skills to secure an advantageous deal for your business.

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Acquiring a Business

Take advantage of meticulously scrutinized opportunities to acquire established digital assets. We provide access to a broad selection of websites for sale, spanning numerous industries and income levels. Trust in Acquiry to facilitate a seamless purchase process.

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Revolutionize Your Acquisition Journey

Accelerate Your Business Growth.


Seller’s Advantage

Effortlessly sell your business to serious investors in our network.


Buyer’s Benefit

Invest in high-potential, thoroughly vetted digital assets.


Opportunities at Your Fingertips.

Our standout service is the provision of industry-specific investment opportunities on demand. Our dedicated Business Development team curates opportunities that precisely match our investors' preferences and budgetary limits. Simply inform us of your business acquisition preferences and we'll do the rest.

Comprehensive Valuations.

Our valuation methodology takes all factors into account, not just revenue and traffic. We appreciate the uniqueness of your business, recognizing the aspects that set you apart, and we factor these into the valuation. Our experience includes successfully selling assets with zero revenue at impressive valuations.


Real Feedback.

Maximize Your Business Potential.

Streamlined Acquisitions

Navigate the business acquisition journey with ease. Let Acquiry connect you with high-value, off-market opportunities tailored to your goals.