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Digital Acquisition Specialists.

ACQUIRY represents a network of investors and motivated website owners looking to exit, delivering seamless outcomes for all parties.

Our network of investors represent expertise across 100+ different industries, demonstrating a very diverse array of interest. This means we have motivated investors for almost any sort of business.

We create business valuations by pulling variables from data like net profit, traffic volume, niche and business history. This helps us get the maximum fairest price for your website and business.

ACQUIRY is designed to deliver a seamless acquisition experience for both buyer and seller. Work with ACQUIRY in confidence and rely on our historical successful track record to deliver a successful acquisition for you.


Specialist Merger & Acquisition Brokers

How it works.

Sell a business

Sell your business to our private investors. We represent serious investment and a range of backers that are always looking for exciting opportunities to acquire more assets.

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Buy a business

Invest in heavily vetted opportunities to acquire established digital assets. We represent a wide array of websites for sale across dozens of industries and revenue brackets.

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Represented Capital

We represent over $1 billion in available capital throughout our investment networks. Deal with confidence.


Investment Opportunities

We currently represent over 120 heavily vetted digital acquisition investment opportunities.


Opportunities on demand.

One of our USP's is our ability to deliver investment opportunities in specific industries on demand. We have a specialist BDM team that bring opportunities in house that match our investors requirements. Tell us what you're looking for with a budget range and we'll provide you with exclusive opportunities on a silver platter.

All inclusive valuations.

Our valuations taking all factors into account. Not just revenue and traffic. You're looking for an investor that factors in your entire business history and specifics that set you apart. We've sold plenty of assets with zero revenue, at impressive valuations. Click below to read more about how we value your website.


Real Feedback.

$1BN+ represented investor capital.

Experience Backed Capital

We represent over $1 billion in available capital throughout our investment networks, presenting interest across a wide range of potential opportunities.