Capital Raising Solutions.

Acquiry facilitates capital raising by connecting businesses with investors, offering tailored funding opportunities to fuel your growth. We handle the introductions; you secure the investment.

Are you a business owner or corporation seeking capital for growth? Navigating the world of investment can be daunting and competitive. This is where Acquiry comes in to streamline your capital raising process.

At Acquiry, we specialize in connecting businesses with a network of investors through exclusive opportunities. Our expert team leverages an extensive network and innovative strategies to identify potential investors that align with your financial goals and capital requirements.

Acquiry's unique approach takes the stress out of raising capital. We manage the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – expanding your business with the right financial backing.

Your Partner in Strategic Capital Raising


How We Connect You to Capital.

Consultation and Criteria

Initiate a discussion with us about your capital raising needs, budget, and specific goals. This helps us understand your financial requirements, design a targeted capital raising strategy, and align our efforts accordingly.

Identify and Connect

With an extensive investor network and specialized expertise, we identify funding opportunities that match your criteria. We initiate conversations and facilitate successful capital introductions in a streamlined and efficient process.

Ensuring Fairness and Confidentiality

Protecting Interests with Confidence.


Confidential Conversations

Our Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) protect shared information, maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the acquisition process.


Secured Negotiations

We use Non-Circumvention Agreements (NCAs) to guarantee negotiations occur exclusively through Acquiry, ensuring a fair and efficient process.


Showcasing Our Financing Network.

Comprehensive Capital Solutions:

At Acquiry, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated network of capital sources, designed to meet diverse funding needs. Our extensive connections range from private funding and family offices to non-bank financed lending, catering to opportunities in the nine-figure range.

We are equipped to support a variety of financing needs, from startups to large-scale international acquisitions and developments.

Acquiry’s Network:

Understanding the varied financial landscapes, our network includes private equity investors, venture capitalists, family offices, and specialized non-bank lenders. This diversity allows us to tailor funding solutions to meet specific client needs, whether they are looking for seed funding or substantial capital for large-scale projects.

Strategic Approach:

Our approach begins with a deep understanding of the client’s financial goals and strategic objectives. We then leverage our network to identify the most suitable funding sources. This could involve private investors for early-stage ventures, family offices for growth capital, or non-bank financiers for major international deals.

Negotiation and Alignment:

Once potential funding sources are identified, we facilitate discussions to ensure alignment between the investor’s interests and the client’s goals. Our expertise in negotiation ensures that the terms of the financing are favorable and conducive to the client’s success.

Your Partner in Growth:

Acquiry is committed to being your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of capital raising. With our sophisticated network and strategic expertise, we ensure that your funding needs are met with precision and excellence, paving the way for your business growth and success.

Strengthen your financial future.

Drive Capital Growth

Acquiry partners with you to enhance your capital raising efforts, expanding your access to a wide network of investors and funding opportunities. We drive the acceleration of your business growth by securing the capital needed to fuel your strategic goals.


Global Reach, Local Expertise.

Our diverse team at Acquiry brings unique international perspectives to the table, enabling seamless acquisitions across different languages and geographies. We turn geographical limitations into global opportunities, delivering success.

Broad Industry Experience.

Our Acquiry team boasts vast experience across countless industries. From traditional sectors to hyper-specific niches, we adapt and excel, delivering acquisition success irrespective of the industry complexities.

Accelerate Your Financial Growth

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