Exclusive Business Acquisitions.

Acquiry streamlines business acquisition, offering exclusive, off-market opportunities tailored to your strategic goals. We do the heavy lifting; you acquire the perfect deal.

Are you a seasoned business owner or corporation looking for your next strategic acquisition? The search for the right business opportunity can often be time-consuming and competitive, especially when it involves engaging in a bidding war. This is where Acquiry steps in to revolutionize your acquisition journey.

At Acquiry, we specialize in connecting established business acquirers like you with exclusive, off-market opportunities. Our expert team, leveraging an extensive network and cutting-edge tools, identifies potential deals that align with your strategic goals and financial criteria.

Acquiry's unique approach takes the stress out of business acquisition. We do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - acquiring businesses that propel your growth.

Your Partner in Strategic Business Acquisitions

Acquiry M&A

Our Process, Simplified.

Consultation and Criteria

Initiate a discussion with us about your ideal business acquisition, budget, and other specifics. This helps us understand your requirements, design a targeted acquisition strategy and align our search accordingly.

Identify and Acquire

With a vast industry network and specialized expertise, we discover opportunities that align with your needs. We initiate dialogues, negotiate terms, and drive successful acquisitions in a streamlined and efficient process.

Process Breakdown.

With Acquiry’s ‘Acquisitions on Demand’ service, we serve as the key that unlocks exclusive business opportunities for investors. We are the strategic link that aligns your goals with the right business ventures.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identifying Your Criteria: We begin with a comprehensive understanding of your business interests, budget, and other specifics. This conversation with our experts sets the stage, helping us design a targeted acquisition strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique vision and objectives.

  2. Uncovering Hidden Opportunities: We don’t just rely on businesses ready to sell. Instead, we approach viable assets that may not have publicly considered an exit. Through our unique positioning and authoritative offer, we’re able to pique their interest, creating exclusive acquisition opportunities that match your criteria.

  3. Targeted Acquisition Strategy: Our secret lies in the strategic utilization of advanced metric analysis systems, media releases, and several other key methodologies. This combination enables us to target and secure exclusive off-market deals that align with your strategic interests, creating potential where others simply don’t.

  4. Expert Negotiation: We’re masters at creating deals where everyone wins. Our positioning, combined with expert negotiation skills, allows us to engage effectively with potential sellers. The strength of our brand ensures that our offers carry weight and are taken seriously.

  5. Efficient Acquisition: From there, our team expertly facilitates a quick and smooth transaction. We handle the complexities of the process, allowing you to focus on your new acquisition and future plans.

Simply put, Acquiry’s “Acquisitions on Demand” service revolutionizes the business acquisition process. You define your ideal business to acquire, and we leverage our expertise to find, negotiate, and secure it for you.

Our approach makes the acquisition journey seamless and efficient, aligning perfectly with your strategic objectives. With Acquiry, you’re not just engaging a service; you’re partnering with a team committed to your success.

Ensuring Fairness and Confidentiality

Protecting Interests with Confidence.


Confidential Conversations

Our Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) protect shared information, maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the acquisition process.


Secured Negotiations

We use Non-Circumvention Agreements (NCAs) to guarantee negotiations occur exclusively through Acquiry, ensuring a fair and efficient process.

Successful Acquisition of a Leading Financial News Website

Showcasing Our Expertise.

Client’s Challenge:

Our client, a seasoned business acquirer, aimed to secure a premier financial news website for their portfolio. Their target was a rare asset unlikely to appear on conventional marketplaces. Amid a scarcity of visible opportunities and an uncertain starting point, they faced a challenging acquisition journey.

In response to these complexities, they turned to Acquiry. With our specialized capabilities and access to exclusive markets, we were able to transform a daunting task into a strategic, achievable acquisition.

Acquiry’s Strategy:

Understanding the client’s specific needs was our initial focus. We then set into motion our advanced search protocols, targeting several exclusive off-market websites that met the client’s requirements but were not currently indicating any intent to sell.

Our approach was not about persuading these businesses to sell but about presenting a win-win proposition that would serve all parties involved.

Negotiation and Acquisition:

Our exploration led us to a promising financial news asset. The owner, not actively seeking to sell, quoted a sale price of $9M when approached. This is where Acquiry’s negotiation prowess shone through.

We presented a compelling case, underpinned by market trends, financial projections, and the potential for mutual growth. Our negotiations yielded a positive outcome as we secured the asset for $6.2M.

The Successful Acquisition:

Thanks to Acquiry’s determined efforts, the client successfully added a high-value financial news website to their portfolio, considerably below the initial asking price.

We helped our client sidestep the pitfalls of prolonged negotiations and potential bidding wars, offering a streamlined acquisition process. This case study underlines Acquiry’s key value proposition – a partner dedicated to making business acquisition seamless, efficient, and beneficial to our clients.

Strengthen your business portfolio.

Grow More, Reach Further

Acquiry operates in synergy with your current acquisition strategy, broadening your access to exclusive opportunities and driving the acceleration of your business growth substantially.

Fee Structure.


  • Retainer fee: $0
  • Commission percentage: 10%


  • Retainer fee: $10,000
  • Commission percentage: 5%


  • Retainer fee: $20,000
  • Commission percentage: 2.5%

Model 1 ($0 retainer / 10% commission)

Embrace our performance-based model. With this option, your investment in our service begins only after we’ve made a successful acquisition for you. It’s as straightforward as it sounds – no upfront cost, no retainer. We only take a 10% commission of the final sale price. This model is available on application and subject to due diligence, ensuring we’re as committed to the deal as you are.

Model 2 ($10k retainer / 5% commission)

Choose our balanced approach with this model. You make an initial investment of $10,000 as a retainer, providing us with a modest assurance as we embark on the search for your ideal business. This initial fee demonstrates your commitment to the acquisition process, while our commission drops to 5% of the final sale price upon successful completion of the deal.

Model 3 ($20k retainer / 2.5% commission)

Opt for our premium service with the lowest commission rate. An upfront retainer of $20,000 reflects your serious intent and allows us to deploy our full range of resources to find the right business for you. Upon successful acquisition, we only take a lean 2.5% commission of the final sale price. This model offers the best value for larger, more complex acquisitions.


 > Saving you time and money

Our service begins paying for itself from the first successful acquisition, as we leverage our brand positioning and negotiation expertise to secure deals at lower prices than you’d achieve independently.

The monetary savings realized often surpass our commission fees, proving our value not just as an acquisition partner but as a financial advantage. Beyond the financial aspect, the countless hours saved and the peace of mind you gain knowing a professional, dedicated team is managing the intricate aspects of the acquisition journey.

Bespoke hybrid pricing models.

Your Acquisition, Your Way

Our flexible pricing structure allows us to create custom hybrid models, ensuring a financial arrangement that perfectly suits your unique acquisition needs. Speak to us today.


Global Reach, Local Expertise.

Our diverse team at Acquiry brings unique international perspectives to the table, enabling seamless acquisitions across different languages and geographies. We turn geographical limitations into global opportunities, delivering success.

Broad Industry Experience.

Our Acquiry team boasts vast experience across countless industries. From traditional sectors to hyper-specific niches, we adapt and excel, delivering acquisition success irrespective of the industry complexities.

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