FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 3rd, 2024, a premier platform specializing in the acquisition and sale of high-value digital assets, is proud to announce the market offering of CoinPoker, an innovative and pioneering online poker platform built on the foundation of blockchain technology. CoinPoker has carved out a significant niche in the crypto poker industry since its inception in 2018, led by its operating company, Precise IG Solutions B.V., registered in Curaçao. This sale represents a remarkable opportunity to acquire a turnkey operation in the burgeoning sector of blockchain-based gaming.

Executive Overview:

CoinPoker is not just an online poker platform; it is a revolutionary ecosystem that combines the thrill of poker with the cutting-edge security and transparency of blockchain technology. With its unique approach to gaming, powered by a decentralized Random Number Generator (RNG) and smart contracts for secure transactions, CoinPoker offers an unmatched online poker experience. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies for transactions, including USDT, ETH, BTC, and its proprietary token, CHP, allowing for rapid, secure, and anonymous user interactions.

Key Highlights of CoinPoker:

  • Innovative Blockchain Technology: Integration of decentralized RNG and blockchain ensures fairness and transparency, setting a new industry standard.
  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Support: Enables transactions in multiple cryptocurrencies, facilitating global access and financial privacy.
  • Global Accessibility: No KYC requirements, broad language support, and a worldwide player base make CoinPoker a truly international platform.
  • Extensive Game Selection: Offers a wide range of poker games and formats, attracting a diverse group of players with different preferences and skill levels.
  • Community-Centric Approach: Fosters a strong, engaged community with a focus on player satisfaction, underscored by responsible gaming practices and round-the-clock customer support.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Holds a license from Curaçao eGaming, ensuring legal compliance and operational integrity across jurisdictions.

Business Model and Revenue Streams:

CoinPoker’s revenue model is as innovative as its technology, featuring:

  • Rake Fees: A competitive, transparent rake structure with rakeback programs to boost player retention.
  • Token Economy: The CHP token, integral to the platform’s economy, offers numerous benefits and utilities to holders.
  • Tournaments and Promotions: Generates revenue through entry fees and promotional activities, with substantial prize pools driving participation.

Market Position and Growth Potential:

CoinPoker enjoys a first-mover advantage in the blockchain poker space, offering unique features that set it apart from traditional platforms. It boasts a strong, loyal user base and a reputation for community engagement and continuous improvement. Significant growth opportunities exist through geographic expansion, platform development, and strategic partnerships, particularly in emerging markets with growing cryptocurrency adoption.

Sale Offering Summary: is facilitating the sale of CoinPoker, providing a rare opportunity to acquire a leading name in the crypto-gaming market. The sale encompasses all related assets, including intellectual property, the existing customer base, and operational infrastructure.

This acquisition is ideal for entities looking to enter or expand in the dynamic and rapidly growing blockchain gaming and entertainment market. Interested parties are invited to request detailed financial information, player metrics, and growth projections to fully understand the value proposition of this exceptional offering.

Contact for Further Information:

To explore this unique investment opportunity in CoinPoker, please contact’s sales team for detailed information and to initiate the acquisition process.

Phone: +1 (650) 600 3450 is excited to present this strategic investment opportunity in CoinPoker, a platform that has not only redefined online poker but also demonstrated the vast potential of integrating blockchain technology with gaming. We look forward to facilitating a successful acquisition.