Acquiry Pty Ltd is a rapidly growing brokerage M&A firm that is looking for a relationship-focused project manager to oversee key internal processes.

Our team is growing quickly and we’re now looking for a charismatic, switched on, and business savvy individual to join our team as a project manager.

In your role you will oversee a lot of key internal processes while liaising directly with our investors and clients. We process and manage a lot of confidential information flow and attention to detail while providing a premium level of service is extremely important. 

You’ll work closely with our sales team while delegating tasks and projects with our internal design and business analysis teams. Once initial negotiations have taken place, you will take over the majority of our client liaison and communication flow.


A little bit about you:

– Write and speak clearly. Simplify the complex. Highly organized and detail-oriented with superior communication skills.

– Regularly available during US working hours, video conferencing with clients, and communication via Slack.

– Think for yourself, have an ownership mindset.

– Excellent comprehension. Does not miss the point often. Presses in with good, focused questions for difficult ideas.

– Optimistic, realistic, and friendly.

– Project Managers are excellent communicators, results driven, highly organized, effective, and empathetic leaders.

– Serve as a main point of contact on projects; clarifying strategic requirements, explaining complex ideas clearly, and managing expectations.

– Excellent project management skills; confident managing upwards and coordinating teams with a good understanding of project management tools and concepts.

– Ability to think on your feet and solve problems without much guidance.


Hours and remuneration:

This is a flexible remote contractual role paid hourly that holds an excellent opportunity to turn into a senior full time position in a very short time. Potential is endless for a keen individual. We also offer flexible working hours; you will get to create your own schedule.

We are looking to hire immediately on a semi full time contractual basis (15-25 hours per week).

Hourly remuneration: $30-45/hr (USD)


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