Acquiry Pty Ltd Announces New Acquisition Criteria for Digital Assets in Tier 1 Countries

Acquiry Pty Ltd, a leading specialist in the field of digital asset acquisition, is pleased to announce updated acquisition criteria for our valued long-term client. This announcement reflects our continued commitment to providing tailored acquisition solutions and maintaining our track record of successful transactions.

“Our client, with whom we have maintained a robust business relationship for many years and concluded dozens of acquisitions, has entrusted us with new acquisition criteria designed to enhance results and broaden potential opportunities,” stated an Acquiry spokesperson. “We remain dedicated to identifying, negotiating, and securing ideal businesses that align with our clients’ strategic goals and visions.”

Key Acquisition Parameters:

Geographic and Website Profile Criteria:

  • Location: Focus on Tier 1 countries, including Germany (DE), Austria (AT), Switzerland (CH), France (FR), Netherlands (NL), Italy (IT), United Kingdom (UK), Poland (PL), Sweden (SE), Korea (KR), Japan (JP), Canada (CA), Australia (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), Singapore, and the United States (US).
  • Website Performance and Authority Metrics:
    • Domain Rating (Ahrefs): DR of at least 10
    • Referring Domains: Minimum of 100
    • Organic Traffic: At least 2,000 visitors per month
    • Penalty Check: Traffic should be stable or increasing over the past few years

Website Age and Niche Preferences:

  • Age: Preferably older than 3 years with steady traffic
  • Niche: Ideally in tech or gaming, but open to other categories such as general news, information, lifestyle, and consumer products. Exclusions include adult/pornographic sites.

Updated Criteria for Enhanced Results:

  • Updated Domain Rating: Seeking sites with a DR between 30 and 60
  • Content Quality: Sites should have good traffic and backlink profiles
  • Language: English
  • Niche Flexibility: Broadened to include almost any category, with a priority on general news, tech, lifestyle, and gaming

Potential sellers matching these criteria are invited to explore synergistic opportunities with Acquiry. Our distinctive track record of confidential, efficient, and successful acquisitions ensures a trustworthy and profitable collaboration.

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Acquiry Pty Ltd is a globally recognized firm specializing in the acquisition of digital assets across multiple industries and languages. Our international perspective, supported by a diverse team of experts, enables seamless acquisitions across geographies. We offer comprehensive services to both buyers and sellers, ensuring a confidential, efficient, and beneficial process backed by a rich history of successful acquisitions.

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