How we acquire vetted opportunities for our investors on demand.

ACQUIRY holds unique positioning within the business broker world because we’re able to acquire and deliver specific opportunities on demand. Our investors often hold experience backed capital and are looking for opportunities that match their field of experience.

Matching that with quality opportunities that fit within required metrics often leaves investors empty handed for long periods of time, waiting for a relevant opportunity to appear, only to engage in a bidding war.

How Our Process Works

We have a very extensive network of website/business owners that are open to exiting to the right investor, but have not listed their interest publicly. We are different to the traditional brokerage platforms that charge a fee to list and sell. Our opportunity list is extensive and open to investment.

ACQUIRY aligns experienced backed capital with exclusive opportunities delivering fast acquisitions to a single investor.

You’ll have a discussion with one of our experts about what what sort of opportunities you’re looking for, and your budget, as well as another specifics about what kind of business models you’re mostly interested in.

The key difference here is that you’re not limited by a small pool of irrelevant opportunities, we’re unique because we work with a much wider network of business owners that are in early exit stage and ready to sell to the right investor very quickly.



  • Hassle free exit opportunities
  • Liaise with a single investor
  • Avoid a lengthy listing process


  • Explore 100% exclusive opportunities
  • Only focus on relevant businesses
  • Expediated acquisition processes

Spending months collating data and listing their business publicly can be daunting and only of interest to a small % of business owners. We focus on bringing seamless exit opportunities that are designed to finalize quickly with a single investor.

Invest your time better in exclusive opportunities relevant to your experience and requirements.

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