Seamlessly Access Vetted Opportunities Tailored to Your Needs

At Acquiry, we excel in matching our investors with opportunities that align with their unique experience and capital. Our investors often possess expertise-backed capital and seek ventures that resonate with their domain knowledge.

Unfortunately, traditional investment avenues often lead to lengthy waits and competitive bidding wars, leaving investors empty-handed.

Unconventional Approach to Acquisition

Our expansive network of business and website owners, interested in securing the right investor, enables us to stand apart. Unlike traditional brokerage platforms charging listing and selling fees, our approach emphasizes accessibility and exclusivity. Our portfolio of opportunities is extensive and ripe for investment.

Efficient Matchmaking for Accelerated Acquisition

Acquiry uniquely aligns capital backed by expertise with exclusive opportunities, enabling swift, single-investor acquisitions.

To optimize your investment journey, you’ll engage with our expert team to discuss your investment preferences, budget, and specific business models of interest.

Wider Network, Better Opportunities

Our strength lies in our extensive network of business owners in the early exit stage, ready to sell to the right investor expeditiously. You’re not confined to a small pool of irrelevant opportunities. Instead, we provide access to a vast network of businesses that align with your specific needs.


  • Hassle free exit opportunities
  • Liaise with a single investor
  • Avoid a lengthy listing process


  • Explore 100% exclusive opportunities
  • Only focus on relevant businesses
  • Expediated acquisition processes

Spending months collating data and listing their business publicly can be daunting and only of interest to a small % of business owners. We focus on bringing seamless exit opportunities that are designed to finalize quickly with a single investor.

Invest your time better in exclusive opportunities relevant to your experience and requirements.

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