FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 14th, 2023 Announces Major Acquisition Campaign for a Diverse Range of Aircraft, a leading player in the global acquisition industry, is thrilled to announce a significant procurement initiative for a wide variety of aircraft on behalf of a prestigious client. This extensive campaign seeks to acquire both passenger and business jets, including those in unairworthy conditions, offering an exceptional opportunity for sellers worldwide.

Passenger Aircraft Wanted

We are actively seeking the following models, with a flexible approach regarding their operational status:

  1. Boeing 737 Series – Models 737-600/700/800/900, with a special interest in units with or without engines.
  2. Boeing 767 – Both with and without engines.
  3. Bombardier CRJ Series – CRJ-200 with engines; CRJ-700/900 with and without engines.
  4. Boeing 737 Classic – 737-300/400/500, exclusively with engines.
  5. Airbus A320 Family – A319/320/321, accepting both with and without engines.
  6. ATR72-500 – A key model in our acquisition list.
  7. Boeing 737-CL Freighter – Specifically the -300 and -500 models, in service condition.

Business Jets Acquisition

Our search extends to business jets, particularly focusing on models in various states of operability:

  1. Hawker Series – 800/850/1000, especially in unairworthy condition, potentially without engines or in poor condition.
  2. Embraer Legacy Series – 600/650, both in airworthy and unairworthy conditions, with a preference for cost-effective options.
  3. Bombardier Challenger Series – 604/850, seeking both airworthy and unairworthy units.
  4. Cessna Citation X 750 – Specifically looking for units in unairworthy condition.
  5. Bombardier Global Series – Any versions, with an interest in both airworthy and unairworthy conditions.

Special Notice

We emphasize our readiness to acquire aircraft in destroyed conditions, following incidents, accidents, or abandonment, presenting a unique opportunity for owners of such assets.

Additional Specific Requirements

Additionally, we are interested in:

  • Bombardier CRJ-200
  • Augusta 139 – No older than 15 years.
  • AS350 B3 – Also, no older than 15 years.

Invitation to Sellers

We invite sellers worldwide who have aircraft matching these specifications to contact This initiative represents a remarkable opportunity for entities looking to divest their aircraft assets, including those in less-than-perfect conditions. Our commitment to a seamless acquisition process and competitive pricing makes us a preferred partner in the aviation industry.

Media & Investor Relations Inquiries

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Phone: (718) 550 2423