FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 11th, 2024 Announces Major Investment Initiative in Poker Gaming Sector


Acquiry Pty Ltd is proud to announce a strategic initiative to acquire poker-related assets, backed by a nine-figure budget. This effort targets both regulated and unregulated segments within the poker industry, highlighting Acquiry’s leading role in digital asset acquisitions.

Client Overview: Our client, a significant force in the poker gaming sector with a vast portfolio of gaming and tech platforms, aims to broaden their market presence by acquiring a diverse range of poker assets.

Opportunity for Sellers: We are actively seeking poker-related assets, open to various acquisition models to accommodate potential sellers. This inclusive approach caters to the entire poker industry spectrum, offering flexible and attractive terms.

Transparent Process: Our commitment to transparency ensures the buyer’s early involvement, facilitating a collaborative and efficient acquisition process leveraging our client’s industry expertise.

Why Partner with Acquiry? With a deep history of successful digital asset acquisitions and a strategic focus on gaming, Acquiry is the go-to partner for those considering selling their poker assets. We offer a unique opportunity for growth and success in partnership with a seasoned industry player.

Invitation to Sellers: We encourage sellers within the poker space to connect with us for potential collaboration, promising a mutually beneficial expansion of our client’s comprehensive portfolio.


Poker Asset Acquisitions: An Overview

  • Client Profile:

    • A major player with extensive history in the poker gaming space.
    • Ownership of several poker gaming and tech platforms.
    • Provides full-stack solutions to gaming platforms.
  • Investment Budget:

    • A nine-figure budget range for acquisitions.
  • Interest Areas:

    • Both regulated and unregulated poker-related operator assets.
  • Acquisition Strategy:

    • Open to discussing all acquisition models, including:
      • Outright purchase,
      • Earn-outs,
      • Partnerships, etc.
  • Acquisition Process:

    • Commitment to early disclosure of the buyer.
    • Involvement of the buyer from the start of discussions to ensure transparency and collaboration.
  • Seeking:

    • Potential opportunities in the poker industry for acquisition.
    • Engagement with potential sellers looking for a significant opportunity to expand or sell their assets.
  • Representation:

    • Acquiry represents the client, with whom they have a large commercial history.
    • Experienced players in the digital asset and gaming space, emphasizing a successful track record in large-scale acquisitions.

About Acquiry Pty Ltd

Acquiry is a globally recognized firm, specializing in the acquisition of digital assets across a multitude of industries and languages. The firm’s distinct international perspective, honed by a diverse team of experts, facilitates seamless acquisitions across geographies. Acquiry’s services extend to both buyers and sellers, promising a confidential, efficient, and beneficial process underpinned by a rich history of successful acquisitions.

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